Mozie van Raaij
2021 Ohio Fairs Queen
and her court 1st runner-up Sara Newsome (L) 2nd runner-up Natalie Snyder (R)
Mackenzie Hoog and Mozie van Raaij
2020 Fairs Queen Mackenzie Hoog and 2021 Ohio Fairs Queen Mozie van Raaij
Stonger Together
2022 OFMA Convention Theme
Jay Begg, Allen County Fair
2021 Ohio Fairs Hall of Fame Inductee
Dr. Donald Kaeser, Ashland County Fair
2021 Ohio Fairs Hall of Fame Inductee
Chuck Stiver, Medina County Fair
2021 Ohio Fairs Hall of Fame Inductee

Welcome to the Ohio Fair Managers Association

Come To The Fair!

The OHIO FAIR MANAGERS 97TH ANNUAL CONVENTION and CONFERENCE is January 6-9, 2022, Hyatt Regency Hotel in Columbus, Ohio.

The convention, conference and tradeshow will be a full schedule as the 2020 and prior conventions were. Tradeshow space is still available via the website, MEMBERS TAB: RENEW/JOIN. The Convention preliminary schedule is on the website under Convention.

Mozie van Raaij, 2021 Ohio Fairs' Queen from Clark County Fair will oversee the 2022 County Fair Queens Interviews, social activities and the Final Selection Announcement Saturday January 8, at the General Joint Session of Ohio's Junior and Senior Fair Boards in the Regency Ballroom

Ohio's 95 Agricultural Fairs are in the planning phases for their fairs in 2022.

The Ohio Fair Managers Association located in the Great Agricultural State of Ohio is a voluntary, not-for-profit Corporation, serving State, Independent and County Agricultural Fairs, shows, exhibitions, and several festivals within Ohio. The associate members of the OFMA associations, corporations, festivals, and individuals engaged in providing products and services to its members, all of whom are interested in the improvement of Ohio's agricultural fairs. The OFMA represents 95 Fairs in Ohio, more than 240 associate members from allied fields, and holds its Annual Convention in Columbus, Ohio in early January. Throughout the years, the OFMA has remained true to its purpose of promoting and encouraging the development and improvement of agricultural fairs, shows, and expositions. The OFMA is actively engaged and supports the International Association of Fairs and Expositions as well as the Federation of State and Provincial Association of Fairs.